Skills for
The Global Teacher

A well trained and fully aware teacher works as a pillar to a country and teacher education is the path towards it.

Teacher education, global dimensions, cultural dimensions and international education will inculcate awareness, tolerance and therefore ‘economic and cultural responsibility’ amongst students which will lead us towards a ‘sustainable future’

Course Outline

1. Introduce participants to the skills needed to equip learners with living and working in a global society

2. Understand ways in which teaching in schools can introduce global themes using Sustainable Development Goals 2030

3. Equip teachers with the skills to deliver learning that is learner centred and participatory.

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Venue: On site or at a local Soft Contents Global Learning Training Centre

Duration: 3 days

Registration: Participants fees apply and block bookings for staff will attract a discount

Contact: | +44 7977652968.

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